“take something to remember this day” by Mary Silwance

take something to remember this day
(an exhortation from the retreat)






chinquapin oak
loose limbed
leafing green shade

cool breeze
full body insulation
from blistering July

distant braying and near crowing
staccato the insect symphony
that underscores stillness

guinea fowl eggs brindled
amidst squash vines

third trimester heaviness
of purple black eggplant

tangy late season raspberries

hummingbird moths
graze saffron zinnias
yellow swallowtails
fan Queen Anne’s lace

dragonfly wings catch

lavender bush dizzy with bees



beyond the flimsy sieve
of language
beyond a paltry list

beyond tasting touching hearing seeing breathing any human merely being*

no need to take

I am given.

*ee cummings

Mary Silwance, August 2017