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Introduction to Yoga Nidra

Introduction To Yoga Nidra explains the history and concepts behind this calming and healing yoga practice of "yoga...

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New Beginnings

The Nature Process - New Beginnings This free 22-minute audio file will guide you through one example of...

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Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips for a Good Night's Sleep offers yogic philosophy and concepts to give the listener a nurturing and...

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"I love to photograph nature’s beauties. When I mindfully engage The 54 Senses, I discover that the camera lens and the eyes of my heart see the same things ... In this worried world, I welcome the deep meditative silence necessary for both my photography and the practice of The Nature Process." ~~ Linda G.
"Sometimes people come along with a deep understanding of something, which in itself is a great gift.  But when they also possess an ability to communicate that understanding to others in a way that deeply heals and connects, you have a special kind of magic.  Sami Aaron possesses that in her connection to the beauty and deep healing potential of the natural world." ~~ Elaina C.
"The NatureProcess Facilitator Training was a profound life-changing course. I learned how to implement TNP into my daily life, deepen my connection to nature, see nature from a completely new perspective and how to express this knowledge to others and help them to access it. I'm able to see and live from nature's perspective of abundance." Maitari S.

A Reflection on Natural Attraction …

"take something to remember this day" by Mary Silwance...

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Meditation … Breathing practices … Connection to Nature and the deep guided relaxation of Yoga Nidra …  these teachings combine for a powerful set of healing and nurturing practices.

The Mission of The NatureProcess? To support people and communities to reconnect to nature – both within themselves and in the world around them – to improve their well-being and enhance their lives.

Being Onto Something melds these practices together to uplift and support your journey to recognize a sense of place, belonging, and joy even in the midst of everyday life with all its highs and lows.