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Are you thinking about becoming a facilitator of The NatureProcess?  That’s so amazing!

Here is a quick description of the type of people we’re looking for:

  • You’re someone who has a deep connection to nature and a love for the natural world.
  • Your heart wants to make a difference in the world – by supporting and nurturing humans, animals, or the environment (or all three!)
  • You already have a teaching, counseling, or healing modality that you offer, either professionally or as a volunteer, and you’d like to expand your teachings to include the healing benefits of time spent in nature, to enhance your services and teachings and to broaden your reach – or you’d like to re-focus your professional or volunteer life to do so!

This web page contains all the information that we talked about in our phone call about the facilitator training programme to help you know more and decide if this programme feels right for you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

If you landed on this page and haven’t yet had a personal phone conversation about it, please contact us to schedule a call to explore who the perfect facilitator is and how it could benefit your professional life if it feels like a good fit!

TNP Facilitator Training Informational Video

Master Facilitator Trainer

Sami Aaron

(913) 915-1971

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My Experience with The NatureProcess

What inspired me to be a TNP Facilitator?

The NatureProcess Facilitator Training Program  

Read the full curriculum and programme requirements here and visit for more information about The NatureProcess company:

  TNP Facilitators Programme

Read the continuing education and ongoing certification processes after the initial training here:

TNP CPD-CEU Programme

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Would you like to know more about the concepts of The NatureProcess?

Here are resources galore!

Sharing The NatureProcess with Others

Sample Sessions of The NatureProcess:

Listen to a free 25-minute sample session:  The NatureProcess: New Beginnings

Listen to a free 22-minute sample session:  The NatureProcess Guided Exercise

The NatureProcess Books and Online Courses:











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