Meditate & Breathe

Meditate & Breathe classes will jump-start your path to mindfulness by giving you the tools to begin a personal meditation and yoga breathing practice.

This class teaches classical yoga breathing (pranayama) techniques and introduces various meditation tools and methods.  You’ll learn how to use the breath to refresh and invigorate you while you quiet your mind and begin to direct your thoughts and emotions, helping you find that place of stillness between your thoughts.

All of our Meditate & Breathe classes and workshops are a variation on this practice.  Some workshops focus more heavily on meditation, others are strictly on breathing.  Some have an emotional component, such as the “Healing Your Grieving Heart” workshops, and others focus on yoga practices for more restful sleep or chronic pain.

Some of our students are brand-new to meditation and are drawn to begin their study while coping with stress or grief, while others are long-time yogis and yoginis who want to take their yoga asana practice to the next level by learning these more subtle limbs of a full yoga practice.  The practice of Yoga is a broad set of concepts that are clarified in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.  

A full yoga practice includes the study and philosophy of:

  1. How we relate to and treat the world and those around us, through concepts of non-harming, non-stealing, non-lying, non-hoarding, and not using our position of power over others
  2. How we treat ourselves through the concepts of cleanliness, purity, contentment, use of our energy, nutrition, introspection, self-inquiry, and a connection to our higher selves and spirit
  3. Taking care of our body through an ongoing physical yoga practice
  4. Awareness and control of the breath and flow of energy through the body
  5. Stilling the activity of the five senses, allowing stillness to arise in the heart and mind
  6. Single-pointed concentration to further calm our “monkey minds”
  7. True meditation; sitting in a state of the present moment, in full awareness
  8. Finding the bliss state, a place of absolute stillness and sense of unity with all that is

Click here for a full explanation of these Eight Limbs of Yoga.

Meditate & Breathe classes are usually a seated practice (chairs are available) with lots of blankets, blocks & bolsters to make it comfortable for everyone.  Some classes will include gentle stretching, others may include restorative yoga postures or reclined meditations.  No prior yoga or meditation experience is needed.